JollyGood Sans

Finally, a serious alternative to that other comic font.

After years of mocking the font that shall not be named, I decided to create an alternative. I wanted to keep the fun feel and the comic book roots, but have a more polished look. The result? JollyGood, a complete font family, with great language support, a big range of weights and styles, keeping that friendly look.

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JollyGood comes in 11 styles

Hamburgefiols Hamburgefiols

Hamburgefiols Hamburgefiols

Hamburgefiols Hamburgefiols

Hamburgefiols Hamburgefiols

hamburgefiols Hamburgefiols Hamburgefiols

Serious Features

Because fun does not have to equal sloppy.

Sample characters from JollyGood

Full Character sets

Accents, diacritics, ligatures. Enough to support most latin languages.

Examples of alternate characters

Stylistic Alternates

Change to different character styles through OpenType features to give your text a different look.

All weights and styles

Full range of weights and styles

4 weights: Light, Regular, Bold & Black, in regular and italic styles. Unicase too! More coming soon.

More? JollyGood was very carefully designed to be legible and even, kerned to maximize readability and optimized to work beautifully as a webfont. With 4 weights in regular and italic, and unicase variations in 3 weights, JollyGood can fullfill all of your casual font needs (by that I mean need for casual fonts). More weights and styles are on the pipeline, stay put if you want to be notified of new releases.

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About JollyGood

What is this and who did it?

My name is Kemie. I do webdesign and illustration. I also make fonts at Pixilate.

One day I got tired of making fun of Comic Sans and decided to instead make something better. No fancy type, no award-winning family, but something that served the same purpose of a casual, handwritten, friendly face, but did it in a better way. Making JollyGood was a long process in which I learned a lot.

Finally I'm releasing it in the hopes it will make the world typographically better (less comic sans = good). I am still working on more JollyGood fonts, so sign up to the Pixilate newsletter below if you want to be informed of new releases.

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